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Auditing Classes With CoA

Enjoy our courses throughout the year without a degree track.

CoA Courses are available to the public as auditing students, Dual Enrollment High School and Home School students. Enrolled CoA students and Dual Enrollment students must register through Populi.

To register as a non-degree-seeking (auditing) student:

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Senior Discount: Individuals age 65 or older may enroll in auditing courses at a 20% discount.
Scholarship: If you are in need of financial assistance to attend a course, contact the office.
Course Location: Courses are held at the CoA Campus, 1331 New High Shoals Rd., Watkinsville, GA 30677, with possible virtual options as noted.
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15-Week Courses

Course Format Options

CoA offers in-person, blended, virtual, and online classes.  Check the schedule below to select the type of class meeting that best suits your schedule and geographic location.
Online Class. All CoA courses offered online have a 2 hours of required live videoconference meeting times for each credit hour.  The instructor will poll all enrolled students for their availability to schedule the virtual course meeting times.
Videoconference Class. These virtual classes meet by live, synchronous videoconference.  Students are expected to attend classes virtually at the regularly scheduled times.
Blended Class. Most CoA courses can be taken virtually by students who do not live locally.  Contact your Academic Advisor for more information about attending a “blended” class.

Upcoming Classes

Spring 2023


Greek I

This course provides an introduction to the Hellenistic, New Testament Greek language. Through sound principles of linguistic interpretation and grammar, the student will achieve beginning confidence in reading and doing exegetical, biblical studies while learning New Testament Greek.

Instructor: Jesse Coyne

Meeting Times: Thur 6:00-9:00PM In-person and Virtual

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New Testament

This course explores the basic principles of Christian beliefs, community and ministry, as well as the promise of Christ’s return through a study of the history and theology of the books of the New Testament. Through the study of the New Testament, students will build their inductive Bible study skills.

Instructor: Casey Birch & Jesse Coyne

Meeting Times: Online

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The primary focus of this course will be the practical application of apologetics in ministry and evangelism. Various approaches to the apologetic task will be investigated. Attention will be given to the systematic and rational defense of the Christian faith against significant contemporary challenges. Topics include such areas as tests for truth, a critique of relativism and pluralism, the problem of miracles, and the historicity of the Christian faith.

Instructor: Rich Suplita & Tim Harrison

Meeting Times: Wednesday evenings In-person only

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Psychology & Theology

This course presents the basic principles of the integration of psychology and theology at three levels—the philosophical, the theological, and the practical. Students will examine God’s truths as related to emotional, relational, and spiritual formation as well as the application of these concepts to optimize others’ personal growth in real ministry settings.

Instructor: Barbara Moon & Marcia Wilbur

Meeting Times: Online

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Wholeness Care Ministry / Discipleship Coaching I

In this course, you will learn and apply key strategies for offering discipleship coaching and ministry to individuals who may or may not yet have a personal relationship with Christ. You will explore the connections between body, soul, and spirit as related to whole-person ministry, as well as understand and apply biblical principles for physical healing. As a result of this course, you will be equipped to operate effectively in ministry to individuals in need of care.

Instructor: Marcia Wilbur & Dee Pesaresi

Meeting Times: 5 Fridays: Jan 27, Feb 17, Mar 3, Mar 31, Apr 21 In-person and Virtual

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Effective Prayer Ministry Tools: Ultimate Journey I

Many people live with a core belief that they are not “good enough” in some form or fashion, and thus live out of subtle traps of bondage such as guilt, shame, perfectionism, worry, stress, and fear. They can also be trapped in not-so-subtle coping mechanisms such as pornography, substance abuse, and other addictive behaviors. Through the basic Ultimate Journey course experience, students will understand how individual’s self-willed efforts to change provide only temporary results. Students will learn a how to help self and others transform how they see and think about themselves. They will also learn effective tools for eliminating behaviors that keep people in bondage so that they are equipped to journey into greater freedom and joy than anyone imagined possible.

Instructor: Cindy Clark & Marcia Wilbur

Meeting Times: Mondays, 6:00 – 9:00 PM (virtual only) (Class begins January 30th)
Tuesdays, 5:30 – 8:30 PM (virtual only)
Wednesdays, 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon (in-person only)
Fridays, 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon (in-person only)

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Effective Prayer Ministry Tools: Sozo

Based on the definition of the Greek word “Sozo” meaning: “saved”, “healed”, “delivered” or “made whole,” this course equips students to minister to others trapped in many forms of bondage, oppression, and depression. This course presents the Sozo inner healing tools utilized in ministering to others as well as the biblical roots behind each tool. Students will have ample opportunity to practice the use of the tools presented on themselves and others.

Instructor: Tina Hester & Dr. Marcia Wilbur

Meeting Times: Wednesday 6:00-9:00PM Virtual only

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World Religions & Cross-Cultural Ministry

This course examines the beliefs, values, and cultural practices of major world religions such as: Judaism, Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism. Atheist and agnostic perspectives will also be explored. Taking into account these non-Christian perspectives, the course will present contexts and considerations for presenting the human need for Christ within the cultural contexts related to these various world perspectives.

Instructor: Alex Fields & Scott Borg

Meeting Times: Monday & Wednesday 10:30AM-12:00PM In-person and Virtual

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Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

This course examines multiple perspectives on missiology and the changing globe with special attention to students’ own area(s) of particular interest. Students will examine specific strategies and issues in missions with a special interest on urban settings, cross-cultural settings, and reaching the 10/40 window.

Instructor: Scott Borg

Meeting Times: Tuesday 6:30-9:30PM In-person only

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Characteristics of an Effective Leader

An effective leader is being personally transformed into the character of Christ to the end that their personal character is embedded in servanthood, integrity, humility, resiliency, and love. In this course you will learn ways that leaders can know themselves and lead themselves, body, soul, and spirit, for optimal effectiveness in the Body of Christ. Using a standard of biblically-based characteristics of an effective leader, you will evaluate yourself through a series of prescribed tools to formulate a personal growth plan. This plan is peer-reviewed and applicable throughout your degree program to help yourself and others develop the characteristics of an effective leader.

Instructor: Scott Borg

Meeting Times: Tuesday 6-9PM Virtual

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