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Christian Life Coaching

Becoming a C4C Coach
Identity & Inheritance
Intimacy & Impact


Would you like to develop the skills that will equip you to restore and build up other people to live from a place of wholeness in Christ, empowered for their personal journey through all aspects of who they are? Are you interested in becoming more effective in explaining to unbelievers who God created them to be and their place in His larger story? Do you value application and experience as key components for growing in Christ? 

Through participation in the C4C Coaches’ Training, you will receive the following:

• A discipleship model that includes the teaching, mentoring, counseling, and coaching tools needed to effectively engage in life-on-life transformation with other individuals over 12 months

• Personal experience with the transformative, 4-part model and

• Certification to utilize the program for unlimited coaching use in multiple settings.

Once certified, you will have access to the C4C Coaching model and tools for use in the following:

• One-on-one men and women’s ministries
• Coaching and mentoring individuals
• Building a Christian Life Coaching business
• Prayer Ministry and Prayer Counseling
• Prison and rehabilitation ministries
• Retreat and camp ministries
• Staff and leadership development
• One-on-one workplace discipleship
• Teen mentorship

Here are three steps required for C4C Certification: 

Step 1: Attend an initial training required for all coaches to become a Coach in Training (CiT).  
Next Training: Summer training dates are FRIDAYS: 5/31, 6/7, 6/21, 7/12, and 7/19 @ the College of Athens, Watkinsville, GA 
Cost: $259 plus course books. 
To Register: See “Discipleship Coaching 1” @ 

Step 2: Progress through the entire coaching program with regular coaching meetings in tandem with another Coach-in-Training (CiT) for the whole 12-month coaching experience. Attend bi-monthly CiT video conferences to discuss what is learned, observe model coaching sessions, and ensure that everyone is progressing well. You will receive feedback and complete all reflective exercises.  
Next Cohort: Summer 2023 – Summer 2024, 2 evenings per month from 6:30 – 8:30 PM plus personal coaching sessions. Registration and specific cohort meeting times are to be determined.  Cost: $259 plus course books. 

Step 3: Attend the final two-day CiT wrap-up and certification commissioning.
Date: TBD July 2024 
Cost: $59 

Receive Christian Life Coaching

Our dynamic faith-based life coaching is designed with you in mind. With Jesus at the center, our coaching services align God’s purpose for your life as you navigate life challenges, transitions, and goals. We come alongside of you on your unique journey through personal enrichment in your identity in Christ. 

Although the objectives of individual Christian life coaching are Christ-centered, the design for your individual intentions will be specifically tailored and targeted for your unique needs. Some general example goals of Christian coaching might look like: 

  • Discovering passion and purpose 
  • Developing a life vision and associated goals
  • Strategic planning to meet life objectives
  • Strengthening relationship with Christ and others
  • Living fully from identity in Christ
  • Overcoming difficulties and life transitions
  • Getting unstuck and activating individual assets

Our Christian coaches love Jesus, and want to see you succeed! Your coach will come alongside of you to help you release the inner strengths and potential you have within. This opportunity is available to anyone in the community. 


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