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Experiential Learning

What is Experiential Learning? 

It is learning and knowing through doing!

Though somewhat more complex in nature, learning through trial and error is the oldest form of education.

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Experiential Learning at College of Athens 

All students at College of Athens will engage in multiple forms of the experiential learning opportunities. As a culminating part of their program, all students will engage in apprenticeship experiences. However, in addition to the capstone apprenticeship experiences, students will encounter various types of experiential learning in all of their CoA courses. 

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 Examples of Experiential Learning in CoA classes: 

While the required apprenticeship experience is the culmination of experiential learning, every class at CoA also incorporates aspects of experiential learning in a variety of ways both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Apprenticeship (Faith-in-Action) Program  

The objective is to prepare students to be successful in ministry by providing a mentored, hands-on, applied learning opportunity.

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