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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the College of Athens?

CoA is an interdenominational Christian college that offers a new kind of ministry preparation designed to equip tomorrow’s Christian leaders for tomorrow’s changing world. The college provides an opportunity for students from all walks of life to engage in real ministry opportunities supported by biblically-based coursework in a Christian environment with instructors qualified to provide biblically-centered teaching.

Who established the College of Athens?

The college was established by the founding Board of Trustees—faithful believers from across denominations interested in the availability of a local ministry training institution that could help unify and meet the equipping needs of the greater Athens community. The first certificate and degree courses were offered in fall semester 2012.

Who might attend the College of Athens?

You. We anticipate enrolling both traditional and non-traditional students—any believer interested in deepening his or her personal relationship with God and learning more about how to serve and lead in the Kingdom. Ministry is the call of EVERY believer

What are the key distinctives between the College of Athens and a traditional Bible college or seminary?

  • CoA is an interdenominational Christian college, not affiliated with a specific denomination.
  • CoA offers flexible certificate, undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students to answer the call to church-affiliated ministry or Christian leadership in the marketplace.
  • The primary key distinctive of CoA is equipping with sound biblical doctrine combined with mentored experience in frontline ministry as well as emphasis on addressing matters of the heart, such as identity in Christ and spiritual warfare, for the purpose of serving others effectively in Christ’s name. Graduates will have gained significant practical experience through their real-life ministry apprenticeships.

What do students, staff, and faculty have to say about their experience at the college?


What are Lifelong Ministry courses?

Many area churches recognize that they can’t meet all of the needs to equip their members for specific types of lay ministry. CoA’s Lifelong Ministry Program is designed to supplement churches’ local efforts by offering workshops and seminars for all believers with the goals of helping them deepen their personal relationship with the Lord and learning how to apply biblical principles to important aspects of daily life. Sample topics include prayer, worship, evangelism, Christian leadership and more. LMP seminars help believers to effectively use their talents and gifts as significant difference-makers and leaders for the Lord in their churches and local communities. LMP courses do not result in college credit. See:
Auditing Classes


Christian Leadership Institute

Prayer Leadership Certificate


What theological beliefs are at the foundation of the College of Athens?

CoA is an interdenominational college, focusing on the core Christian doctrine of salvation through belief in the resurrected Christ. The CoA Belief Statement is denominationally neutral, Word-rooted and Spirit-empowered. CoA does not seek to create a “new religion,” but rather to equip students’ heads and hearts so that they may serve as His hands and feet for the purpose of Christ-centered kingdom transformation. We seek to “collaborate around the cross!”

Is CoA an accredited college?

Our college operates under full authorization of the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission and holds accreditation status as a member of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges & SchoolsClick here for full details about CoA’s accreditation status.

Who teaches at CoA?

All CoA faculty are fully credentialed with Master’s-level or doctorate degrees, qualify as accredited instructors of the subjects they teach, and have rich, lifelong experiences in frontline ministry.

What are CoA classes like?

Classes are offered at both day and evening times for student convenience, and with small class sizes, students develop strong relationships with the faculty. During class time, instructors challenge students to apply the concepts taught to real-life ministry.

Does CoA offer online courses?

CoA offers both online and synchronous videoconference courses to help meet students’ scheduling needs. Because of the hands-on, direct application nature of course content, students can expect ample opportunity to engage in the pragmatic application of theology even in an online environment. We hold a strong belief that ministry is relational, and thus incorporate significant life-on-life experience into every course.

How much does it cost to attend CoA?

CoA tuition is $295 per credit hour. Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks and materials for each course they enroll in.

What scholarships and loan programs are available to help with the cost of attending CoA?

CoA does not currently participate in any federal loan programs. The CoA Board discourages students’ accruing debt for their education so that they can be free to answer the Lord’s call upon completing their program. Instead, CoA encourages students to develop a Ministry Team that can help support them while they are attending school. Further, Ministry Partnerships are available for churches and businesses wishing to help support CoA students. CoA also offers a needs-based scholarship and work-study program. See:

Where is the College of Athens located?

CoA currently leases space from Watkinsville First United Methodist Church, located on the corner of Hwy 441 and New High Shoals Road in Watkinsville. The college has purchased 114 acres at 4080 South Barnett Shoals Road as the site of its future campus, retreat center, and prayer garden.

Is there student housing at the College of Athens campus?

Not at this time, however, CoA students will find ample available housing in the Athens area, within close vicinity of the school. The future vision for the college is to be situated on a pastoral setting with short and long-term living spaces for both students and guests.

What is the CoA Transformational Prayer Ministry Center?

The CoA Transformational Prayer Ministry Center is a place where any individual can receive 90 minutes of intentional, focused prayer leading to an authentic encounter with God’s Truth, in order to overcome struggles with anger, unforgiveness, fear, stress, anxiety, trauma, sexual sins, and depression as well as other undesired behaviors and thought patterns. This transformation is a lifelong journey towards wholeness, freedom, peace and joy in Christ. Confidential Prayer Ministry is open to the public.

How can I get involved with CoA?

•       Pray over the CoA mission, vision, students, and staff
•       Participate in a course or seminar, become a prayer minister, join our Board of Trustees
•       Promote CoA to others and encourage them to get involved however the Lord leads!
•       Partner as a church or business to help make the CoA opportunity available to others
•       Provide funding for student scholarships, program development, and volunteer assistance/expertise
Contact the college at: to become a part of God’s vision at CoA!

How do I get a transcript?

Transcript services are available here.

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Our Impact
Each semester, students are expected to fulfill one hour of service at an approved service site for each credit hour of enrolled coursework.

Fulfilling the service requirement is a pre-requisite to graduation from CoA. We believe faith requires action that brings lasting impact to the world.