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International Students

Welcome to CoA International Admissions!

Calling all international applicants! We are excited you’ve decided to apply to the College of Athens!

International Students interested in enrolling at College of Athens should follow the steps below to get started. Contact the Office of Admissions at 706-769-1472 or with any questions. 


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Steps to Admission

Step 1

Your Application

Complete the online ADMISSIONS APPLICATION including your Personal Statement of Faith and submit the application fee of $35. Detailed instructions for completing your application portfolio are found at the link above. You can save your application and return to it during the process. Having some basic background information prepared beforehand will help you during this process.

Recommendations. Request that two references be submitted via the online Admissions Application (they must be in English). One reference should be faith-based, the other should address the applicant’s intellectual ability to be successful in a college-level ministry preparation program. References must have known the applicant for a minimum of one year. 

The deadlines for application are May 1st for the Fall semester and October 1st for the spring semester.

Step 2

Transcript Evaluation

Due to the difficulty in interpreting international transcripts, a SpanTran evaluation is required of all students who have studied outside of the United States. All official transcripts from non-US educational institutions high school as well as any post-secondary transcripts must be translated (if non-English) and sent directly to SpanTran by the issuing institution. This is a requirement before your admissions file will be considered complete. If you are applying for graduate programs, you do not need to submit a high school transcript. To order an evaluation, go to SpanTran Pathways – College of Athens. You should apply for the course-by-course evaluation if you have completed any university-level coursework by clicking here.  

Incoming undergraduates and undergraduate transfer students with fewer than 30 hours of credit must send official high school transcripts.

– Incoming undergraduate transfer students and graduate students must send official college transcripts from ALL institutions attended. 

Step 3

Financial Affidavit

The financial affidavit is required of all F-1 international applicants. It is the applicant’s responsibility to demonstrate that sufficient funding is available to meet all college and living expenses for his/her first year of study for the program. The College of Athens is required by United States government regulations to verify that international students have adequate funding to cover all costs. Therefore, CoA issues an I-20 only after this form is completed and returned with the necessary support documents. You will need this same proof to apply for your F-1 visa at the U.S. Consulate and should therefore keep a copy of this form and all supporting documents.

The current estimate of expenses for an international F-1 student at the College of Athens for one academic year is $25,000. Please submit the appropriate supporting documentation. All F-1 students accompanied by dependents (spouses and children under the age of 21) must have an additional $4,000 per year of support for the first dependent and $2,000 per year for each additional dependent. This is an estimate and subject to change without notice.

Click here to complete the financial affidavit form.

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Additional Considerations

Provide proof of English proficiency. Students who are non-native speakers of English, who transfer from an institution of higher education outside the U.S. where English was not the language of instruction, are required to submit an English language proficiency exam score from one of the approved providers below along with their foreign credentials. ONE of the following conditions must be met:  

–TOEFL iBT (internet-based test) score of 80/120. Our TOEFL Code is: C982. 

–SAT Evidence Based Reading/Writing score of 480, or ACT English score of 17, or ACT reading score of 17.  The Designated Institution (DI) Codes for CoA are: ACT: 0675 SAT: 7066 AP: 7066 TOEFL: C982.

A waiver of the English proficiency requirement can be applied to students who have successfully completed academic instruction in English. Successful completion can be demonstrated by one of the following methods: 1) Proof of degree at the secondary or collegiate level either outside or inside the U.S. where English is the official language of the academic instruction. 2) Proof of completion of the equivalent of English 1101 and/or 1102 with a grade of B or better in both courses, at an accredited U.S. institution. 

–A passing score of 110 or higher on the Duolingo English proficiency test:


Students will be contacted by a CoA staff member once their Application for Admission and Application Fee have been received. Admissions decisions are made weekly. Students will be notified by email once an admission decision has been made.

Contact For Admissions

Our admissions department is excited to hear from you. We are open Monday thru Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. 

CoA Admissions Center

1331 New High Shoals Rd
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Phone : 706-769-1472
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are CoA's admissions requirements?

Applicants for freshman admission must be graduates of accredited high schools or home schools with a minimum GPA of 2.5*. Undergraduate transfer students with fewer than 30 credits must meet freshman admissions requirements. Undergraduate transfer students with 30 credits or more must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Applicants for graduate admission must have completed an undergraduate degree at the bachelor’s level from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 2.5.

*Special cases. If you have any questions about your transcripts, test scores, were home schooled, or have any unique circumstances, please contact College of Athens Office of Admissions to determine the necessary admissions documentation. Students who graduated from high school more than five years prior to application may not be required to take the ACT or SAT exams if those exams were not taken previously.

Deadlines: for Fall, May 1st; for Spring, October 1st.

What is CoA's Tuition?

See: Tuition & Financial Aid – College of Athens for information about the cost of attending CoA. You will not qualify for U.S. financial aid. You must be able to verify that you have the equivalent of at least $25,000 USD in the bank to finance your education and first year’s expenses. These amounts are estimates and subject to change without notice. F-1 undergraduate students must either enroll in 15 credit hours for both fall and spring semesters or 12 credit hours for both fall and spring semester as well as 6 credit hours for summer semester to be considered a full-time student. F-1 graduate students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours for both fall and spring semester to be considered a full-time student. Please note that tuition costs on the website do not include housing, meals, international student insurance, transportation, personal items, etc. 

Failure to pay tuition costs will result in a lock on registration and grades in CoA’s Learning Management System, Populi. More importantly, your student visa will be revoked, and you may be asked to leave the country. Students pay tuition and fees via their Populi accounts. Please direct any questions about tuition to or call 706-769-1472.

How do I request an I-20?

We will assist you with receiving the I-20 after you have been accepted for admission to CoA.  All accepted students (both new and transfer students) need to submit the following to request an I-20:

  • Valid passport 
  • Financial Affidavit 
    –Supporting Bank Documentation 
    –Must be in English 
    –Does not have to be in U.S. dollars
    –Must be issued/printed within the last two months 
    –Can be an official bank statement or statement from bank on signed letterhead 
    –Name on the account must match the sponsor signing the affidavit 
    –Must be considered liquid assets (checking, savings) 

What do I do after I receive my I-20?

Once you receive your I-20, please review to make sure everything is accurate. Since the I-20 is used to apply for your visa, but does not guarantee a visa, we strongly suggest that you wait to purchase your airplane ticket until you receive a visa. It is important that you plan to arrive no sooner than 30 days before the program start date listed on your I-20. The next step is to apply for the F-1 visa. Contact us if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you in person. 

How do I apply for a Visa?

All F-1 student visa applicants must pay the SEVIS fee prior to going to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate for the visa interview. Students will use the I-20 form issued by CoA in order to pay the fee online. DHS will issue an official receipt acknowledging the payment, but please print a receipt for your records. You will need the receipt when applying for the student visa. Please review the links below before attending your visa appointment.
1. Pay the SEVIS database fee using Form I-901
–Visit the SEVP I-901 processing website at
–Complete the Form I-901 application.
–Payment options: credit card, check, money order or Western Union Quick Pay.
–Print proof of your payment from the website. A formal receipt (Form I-797) will be mailed to you.
–Bring proof of payment with you to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate when you apply for your visa. You need to pay the fee at least 3 days prior to your visa interview.
–Bring proof of payment with you when you are traveling into the U.S.
2. Find the U.S. Embassy or Consulate closest to your home:
3. Review the following informational websites:
a. Temporary Visitors to the United States:
b. Getting a Visa:
c. Visa Denials (learn why they are denied):
d. Visa Fees and Photo Requirements:

All students issued an initial I-20 form, either overseas or while in the U.S., must apply for a visa outside the U.S. Although CoA has admitted you and issued the I-20 form, you must first apply for a student visa from a U.S. Embassy or Consulate, and then be admitted to the U.S. as an international student. (NOTE: A visa is not required for Canadians, but Canadian citizens still need to present the I-20 form at the U.S. port of entry.)
Contact your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for specific details on how to obtain a visa. The wait time to receive a visa appointment will vary by location; therefore, you are strongly encouraged to apply early.
o Visit the U.S. Department of State website at
o Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Application (Form DS-160) online.
o You will upload your photo while completing the online application.
o Print the application confirmation page to take to your visa interview.
o Pay the visa application fee of $185.00 and any applicable Issuance fee (based on nationality).
Be prepared to present the following items at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate:
–SEVIS Form I-20 (F-1)
Nonimmigrant Visa Application (Form DS-160) needs to be completed before the appointment. Bring the DS-160 confirmation receipt to the appointment.
–One passport size photograph
–Evidence of financial support (These should be the same documents you submitted for admission into CoA.)
–Passport (valid at least 6 months beyond your program start date)
–Proof of English-language proficiency
–College of Athens admission/acceptance letter
SEVIS fee payment receipt (must be paid at least three business days before going to the Embassy)
–Any additional application materials required by the embassy or consulate in your home country. We recommend that you contact the embassy or consulate prior to your interview to ensure you have everything you need.
Here are some helpful application tips – 10 Points to Remember When Applying for a Student Visa

What about student life?

Planning For Your Arrival 
Upon arrival in the U.S., you must be prepared to show the inspections officer the following documents: 
–A valid passport 
–F-1 visa entry stamp (unless exempt) 
–Original CoA admissions letter 
–Original financial support documentation 
–Form I-20 issued by CoA 

F-1 students have the responsibility to purchase health insurance for themselves and their families while they study in the United States. If you are not able to obtain a health insurance policy on your own, we recommend applying for Medicaid coverage here. If rejected for Medicaid coverage you can receive services at the following local clinics:
Mercy Health Center, 700 Oglethorpe Avenue C7, Athens, GA 30606, 706-425-9445
Athens Nurses Clinic, 240 North Avenue, Athens, GA 30601, 706-613-6976
You may also choose to utilize Christian HealthShare companies, which are not technically insurance, but do provide some assistance to self-pay customers. The following companies are a few examples of Christian HealthShare companies that provide coverage to non-U.S. citizens:
Christian Healthcare Ministries:
Samaritan Ministries:

You will live off-campus. Please be in touch with the CoA Admissions Office for assistance finding local housing options.

What about transportation?

Like many other smaller cities in the United States, there are few to no options for public transportation around the CoA campus. Students are responsible for finding a method of transportation to and from class and any mandatory orientations. There are a few public transportation options, but they can be costly and do not service a wide area of the region. Many students choose to obtain a Georgia driver’s license during their time in the United States. 

Information for Non-US Citizens | Georgia Department of Driver Services 
Obtaining a Georgia License 
To obtain a Georgia driver’s license a customer must be able to: 
–Pass a Vision Exam 
–Pass a Knowledge Exam – knowledge of our traffic laws including road signs 
–Pass a Road Test – a driving skills test 
–The driver must be a United States citizen or have lawful status in the United States. Georgia law does not allow non-US citizens, non-resident drivers to operate a motor vehicle if he or she does not have lawful status in the United States. 
–Non-US citizens should present their Foreign/International License or Identification card to receive a Georgia license or Identification card. Most Foreign licenses or Identification cards will be returned.  There are some exceptions: 
–Non-US citizens will be required to surrender their license, ID, or permit in Georgia, 
–when applying for a commercial driver’s license 
–if you hold a driver’s license, ID, or permit from any other U.S. state or the District of Columbia 
Please view the License, ID, and Permit Types for more information on the license you are applying for.    
Identity and Lawful Status Requirements 
–Non-US citizens are required to present valid immigration documents in person at a Customer Service Center to prove their identity and lawful status in the United States. Original immigration documentation must be submitted each time a service is requested pertaining to a driver’s license or identification card. Visit Real ID Requirements for more information. 
Social Security Number Requirements 
An applicant must provide either a Social Security number or Certification of Social Security Denial Status. 

–You must complete a Certification of Social Security Denial Status Form (DDS-351).  This form is available at the Customer Service Centers.   
Other Documents Required 
–Documentation showing residential address, visit Real ID Requirements for more information. (The two (2) documents must show your name and current residential address. P.O. Boxes do not prove residency. All documents must be dated within the past six (6) months.)
–Household Information (Deed, Mortgage, Monthly Mortgage Statement, Residential Rental /Lease agreement)
-Any physical postmarked mail delivered by the U.S.P.S.
–School Records (Transcript, report card, DS-1)
–Documents issued by Federal, State or Local Governments
–Voter Registration Card
–Utility bills (ex. water, gas, electricity, telephone/cell, cable, etc.)
–Motor Vehicle Information (Vehicle registration or title, insurance policy or insurance card with address)
–Medical Statements (Medical or Health Card or Bill)
–Employer Documentation (Paycheck, paycheck stub, W-2 or 1099 Form)
–Financial Statements (Bank or Credit Card Statements))
If you were issued a driver’s license/permit/ID card in another state, and that card has been lost or stolen: 
–You must provide a certified copy of your driving record or motor vehicle report from the state that issued the card. 
–The MVR must be dated within the last 30 days. 
Note: DDS does not accept uncertified copies printed from websites, but a fax may be sent to the DDS directly from the other state agency. 
All documents must be in English.

What about vaccinations?

Important Notice to Immigrant Visa Applicants Concerning Vaccination Requirements
United States immigration law requires immigrant visa applicants to obtain certain vaccinations (listed below) prior to the issuance of an immigrant visa. Panel physicians who conduct medical examinations of immigrant visa applicants are required to verify that immigrant visa applicants have met the vaccination requirements, or that it is medically inappropriate for the visa applicant to receive one or more of the listed vaccinations:
Hepatitis B
Tetanus and diphtheria toxoids (within the last 10 years)

Vaccinations ( 

What is CoA's diversity policy?

The College of Athens is dedicated to the principle of equal opportunity – its programs, services, and policies are guided by that principle. The College of Athens will engage in a personal, individualized review of applicants’ files giving full consideration to the ways in which the applicant might contribute of the College of Athens’s environment. No policy, either explicitly or implicitly, will lead to automatic acceptance or rejection of students or faculty based on any specific diversity consideration.

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CoA programs are designed and integrated with building students’ relationships at the core—relationships with God, with the school community, and within the context of Christian service opportunities.