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Invest in God’s work!



As the economy improves and confidence grows, NOW is a good time to evaluate your giving and consider new ways to support the charities you care about, including the College of Athens.

  • Many of the strategies below provide both tax benefits to you, the generous donor, while helping CoA grow in ways that are sure to impact God’s eternal Kingdom through every future Christian leader who trains here.
  • Whether your goal is to make a big impact or a modest gift, and whether you are planning for year-end or for an enduring legacy, you have many options. 
  • Choosing wisely among them can be the key to making the biggest impact while also minimizing present and future tax exposure.

Gifts of Stocks

Instead of selling stocks and paying capital gains tax on the sale, you may opt to donate the stock shares direction to CoA.

Contact for up-to-date stock transfer information.

RMD Giving

Did you know that you can donate your Required Minimum Distribution from your 401K or IRA directly to CoA? In doing so, the RMD does not count as qualified income. Rather, it can be claimed as a charitable donation up to the amount of current IRS limits.

Estate Planning

Please consider naming the College of Athens as a beneficiary on a bank account or life insurance policy. You will need to present your financial planner with the CoA EIN number given below.

College of Athens EIN: 27-1288541

Charitable Lead Trust (CLT)

Want to leave tax-efficient assets for future generations while helping CoA?

This irrevocable trust is designed to help CoA by providing financial support over a designated period of time. Investment proceeds are made yearly to CoA during the set term length. At the end of the term, the trust assets are distributed to pre-designated beneficiaries in a manner that can minimize or even eliminate gifting and/or estate taxes. A CLT is an excellent option for assets that are expected to appreciate substantially in value.



Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)

Do you like the possibility of generating a lifetime income stream for you or your beneficiaries?

How it works: You donate an asset to a CRT. The asset is sold while in the trust, and the proceeds are reinvested in an income-producing portfolio. Then, you and your beneficiaries will receive a fixed percentage of the value of the asset you donated each year. With an Annuity option (CRAT), you’ll receive a fixed dollar amount each year. Whether the CRT or the CRAT, you will receive an immediate tax deduction, and upon your death or a predetermined date, CoA will receive the remainder of the assets in the trust. In addition, the Charitable Trust also helps protect your assets from potential lawsuits.

Donor-Advised Fund

Want a smart, tax-efficient way to be a charitable giver?

You can make charitable contributions to your personal, charitable fund, take an immediate tax deduction for the amount contributed, and subsequently make gifts to charity when desired over time. 

Moving funds into a donor-advised fund during years of higher taxable income allows donors to create a well of charitable dollars that can support their giving in years of less income.  This fund is ideal for givers looking to make a more organized, effective impact over time rather than through direct giving.

Download this free guide: Exploring Donor-Advised Funds.

Invest with Confidence!

Please contact Dr. Marcia Wilbur to begin a conversation about establishing your personal giving strategies to support the College of Athens. Note that naming opportunities for scholarship funds as well as for campus development are always an option. 

The College of Athens proudly partners with Mr. Anthony Dye for its investment holdings and advising. Anthony has decades of experience managing trusts and large community foundations. He currently serves as the Branch Manager for both the Athens (Trinity Place) and Gainsville Raymond James offices.