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Lifelong Journey of Faith

Living out our faith is a lifelong journey. Lifelong Ministry seminar courses are designed as short-term seminars on specific topics of interest or need, that serve to equip His faithful for an ever deeper faith walk, and more effective Christian leadership and service within the community. 

These seminars are offered in a classroom setting, as well as, usually, through Zoom. They take place throughout the year and offer an opportunity for spiritual growth and maturity. Course offerings change often, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of exciting updates. 

Upcoming Seminars

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Redemptive Names of God (October)

Date: October 29

Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, ***offered in-person and virtual

Location: College of Athens

Instructor: Babs Wood

Materials needed: none

Description:  We serve a multi-dimensional God who has revealed His many qualities throughout the centuries of the Biblical timeline.  His character, identity, and works are reflected in the names He has attributed to Himself through the saints and servants who knew and experienced Him.  In this class, we will explore the Hebrew meaning behind the names of YHVH/Jehovah and uncover the nature of Father God, as we (His redeemed children) call upon Him according to His Holy Names.

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