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9:00 AM-4:30 PM
Grace Fellowship Church
1120 Malcom Bridge Road, Bogart
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Transformed! Conference 2023 Event Speakers

2023 Conference Theme: Let There Be Light!

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it (John 1:5.)

Join us as we follow up on our New Year – New Heart 2023 prayer conference theme of “Giant or Grasshopper,” exploring the fullness of God’s promises for his children today and forever! (Hebrews 4:1)

The teaching was powerful. Dr. Wilbur’s presentation was incredible… I could have listened to her all day! What a gift for sharing such deep things of God with clarity and in a way a lay person can fully understand!

AnonymousPrevious Event Attendee

When we know who and whose we are we can act like who we are! Identity in Christ seems to be the catalyst for joyful obedience.

AnonymousPrevious Event Attendee

The Scriptures were beautifully organized with such clarity. The teaching was AMAZING.The times for application of what we were learning helped SO much as we processed and used all that we were taking in.”

AnonymousPrevious Event Attendee

“The Body of Christ has a great need of this understanding about how to operate in the Courts of Heaven! This conference was life-changing!”

AnonymousPrevious Event Attendee

Wow! What a tremendous message that will help me live from a whole new perspective and the power of Christ that lives in me so that I can be a change-agent…interceding for others in a whole new way!”

AnonymousPrevious Event Attendee

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Transformed! Conference

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