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Wheaton Press Dual Credit


Wheaton Press is excited to offer students the opportunity to receive dual credit for their high school Bible classes through a unique partnership with the College of Athens. Each of the Wheaton Press courses has been recognized as the equivalent of a college level class, As a result the courses provide the opportunity for you to build a college transcript while in high school through dual credit.

As a participating student you will receive:

• a first-rate opportunity to grow into all that God says you are and to be armed with a life-changing Christian worldview;
  • up to 24 college credits through your high school course work at an affordable rate; and
  • college credits that are transferable to colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad.
  • a special honor cord to wear at graduation for completing all eight courses in the Engaging the Heart curriculum for dual credit. 

Simple Steps to Dual Enrollment:

  1. Enroll in a Wheaton Press course at your local school.
  2. Ask your school to Register as a Wheaton Press Dual Credit School
  3. Complete a one-time  Dual Credit Enrollment Form for the College of Athens. Enrollment fee is $50.
  4. Semester by semester, pay the $200 fee for each course directly to the College of Athens (and not to your local school).

For help in enrolling:

           Student User Guide
          School Administrator User Guide

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About Dual Enrollment Credits

  • Credits earned through the Wheaton Press curriculum will qualify for college credit at the College of Athens provided that the course grade earned is a C or higher.
  • The College of Athens’s undergraduate and graduate programs are fully accredited through the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.  The credits you earn will be recognized by colleges and universities across the globe.
  • In general, other higher ed institutions that do not recognize dual credits from the College of Athens do not accept any form of college credit earned in high school – even AP credit.

Who We Are

About the College of Athens

CoA exists to equip the next generation of Christian leaders with an unshakeable confidence in who they are in Christ. CoA students graduate with the leadership skills and biblical worldview needed to advance the Kingdom of God in the Church, in the marketplace, and anywhere God sends them!

The CoA Mission Statement

To be a biblically-grounded, Holy Spirit-empowered, fully accredited Christian college that prepares men and women who will teach, reach, lead, and minister to others out of their identity in Christ through relational, hands-on training for leadership in the church, in the marketplace, and across the globe.

The CoA Christian Philosophy of Education

The Goal of Kingdom-focused teaching is to develop students who will live and minister out of their identity in Christ as evidenced by transformed values, actions and capabilities including:

  • An effectual understanding of who God is;
  • a redeemed mindset, life focus, and Christian worldview;
  • an abiding personal relationship with Jesus through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit;
  • joyful, obedient surrender to the will of the Heavenly Father and His Word;
  • an understanding and effective use of their power and authority as believers; and
  • the ability to lead and disciple others into Christ-likeness within community.