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Why Study at CoA?

Our Christian Philosophy of Education

CoA’s Christian Philosophy of Education is the driving force behind all that we do. Our courses are designed to transform our students’ identity in Christ so that how they think, live, and lead others is grounded in the Lord for His glory and His kingdom.

The CoA Goal of kingdom-focused teaching is to develop students who will live and minister out of their identity in Christ as evidenced by transformed values, actions and capabilities including:

  •  An effectual understanding of who God is;
  •  a redeemed mindset, life focus, and Christian worldview;
  • an abiding personal relationship with Jesus through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit;
  • joyful, obedient surrender to the will of the Heavenly Father and His Word;
  • an understanding and effective use of their power and authority as believers; and
  • the ability to lead and disciple others into Christ-likeness within community.


Small Class Size

From the moment you walk into the College of Athens, you will know that you belong. The diverse student community creates the loving Kingdom atmosphere that fosters maturity in Christ. Our student testimonies speak to the heart of CoA’s mission. 

At CoA we value your education as much as you do. Our small class sizes allow students the opportunity to receive valuable individualized attention and care, to grow in head and heart knowledge of Jesus Christ and the faith. 

CoA encourages community involvement both on campus and beyond. Our diverse student body engages in team-building activities that place the call to Kingdom relationships at the center of every interaction. Volunteer opportunities, conferences, and college picnics, are just a few ways that our students stay connected. 

Our professors, leaders, and ministers take your spiritual growth to heart. From advising and personal mentoring, to private prayer and spiritual counseling, CoA aims to guide you as you advance in different areas in your academic pursuits. 

“I learned something new about the tools God uses to communicate with us and that there is a world outside of mine in which God works that I do not understand completely but I am attracted to it.  My world has been turned upside down! EVERY believer needs to learn this!” 

Our Purpose for the Kingdom of God

CoA is an interdenominational Christian college seeking to equip faithful men and women for ministry and Christian leadership by:

  • teaching spiritual truths;
  • imparting biblical knowledge;
  • providing practical ministry opportunities through mentored apprenticeships;
  • ensuring a Christ-centered approach that seeks to build character within a community of believers; and
  • tailoring coursework to support each student’s calling.

CoA programs are designed with students’ relationships at the core—relationships with God, with the school community, and within the context of Christian service opportunities.


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